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Makalah Daur Ulang Sampah "English Version"

Sobat kali ini saya akan memberikan sedikit pengalaman dalam membuat Makalah Daur Ulang Sampah "English Version" . dan ini juga bisa dijadikan alternatif untuk membuat sampah menjadi nilai guna yang lebih baik.
namun saya membuat Makalah Daur Ulang Sampah "English Version" menggunakan bahasa inggris ..
cuman jangan takut bisa di translate ko :)


The first of all, writer wants to say thanks to God, Allah SWT., because of HIS mercy and guidance, this paper could finally be finished composing to qualify the school task.  And the writer wishes that all of praise always be poured down to our Prophet Muhammad  SAW., to his family, his disciples, and to all of us as his follower until the end of the world.
            This paper includes topics and discussions on the question of waste has become a serious problem which occurs both in large cities and in remote villages. Inside are one example of waste that is making kesed from cotton waste..
Our gratitude also goes to Homeroom Class and our family that has provided moral and spiritual support also to colleagues who have helped making this paper, as well as to the relevant parties who have participated in the completion of this paper.
We, as the writer recognize that in this paper a lot of mistakes and shortcomings, which in other words are still far from perfection because of the limitations of knowledge, and therefore criticism and suggestions that can build and refine this paper, we will welcome with gratitude as much as possible.
Last but hopefully this report will be useful for us especially as a composer, and for all readers in general.

Sumedang, September 2010  


            Rubbish and waste has always been a problem in society who lack discipline in terms of cleanliness. Issues that may arise is a bad odor, flies fly free, or health problems due to the buried waste. In all circumstances, garbage piling up will definitely interfere with views and potential to pollute and damage the environment.
            If this issue is not handled wisely, then the garbage and waste will cause serious environmental problems. Although the government has tried to give the prohibition to dispose of waste carelessly, but without the awareness of society, then any attempts to tackle the waste will be in vain.
            One effort that we can do to reduce pollution caused by waste is by reusing and recycling waste into something useful. However, to do so required a fundamental understanding of the waste itself better understanding, the type, impact, and so to simplify the process of recycling the waste.
1.2 Objectives
The purpose of this report include:
1. Knowing and understanding the properties of waste.
2. Fulfilling the task of subject teachers of environmental education (PLH)
3. Knowing the types of waste from various aspects.
4. Knowing how to handle waste.
5. Knowing the impact of waste on the environment.
6. Knowing one example of recycling waste into useful products.


2.1 Activity
1. From one of the waste that you observe, choose one that can still be utilized.
2. Make the waste into something useful.
3. Note how the manufacture of such waste into something useful.
4. Give reasons why you chose to utilize that waste.
5. Show the teacher supervising the making of such waste into something useful.
Activity Sheet:
1.      Name of waste: Waste dust cloth (fabric textile production scrap)
2.       Taken from: Stores fabric / textile mills
3.       The reason for selecting waste:  
a.       * If not utilized, these waste  will burn and will cause pollution   air.
b.      * Waste is available to direct used without going through a complicated process.
c.       * Recycling is easy and simple.
d.       * Costs are relatively affordable.
4.      Names of objects created: Kesed
5.      Materials and Equipment:
·         Scissors
·         dust cloth
·         Plastic strap / rope rapia
·         Gintiran (recommended)
·         Board with size 70 x 50 cm
·         Spikes
·         Hammer
6.      How to manufacture:
1.       Prepare all tools and materials needed
2.      Sorting / selecting dust cloth to be used. We recommend using a dust cloth edge.
3.       Cut the cotton waste was short of the desired size.
4.       spin / menggintir dust cloth on gintiran resulting mine made from cotton waste. The usefulness of this penggintiran process is to strengthen the bonds of progress itself that are not easily separated and do not easily fall out. In this process, it is not always required gintiran. This process can be done manually by hand by holding one end of the dust cloth and then rotate the other end until it shaped mine dust cloth.
5.      Create a board to weave in a way parallel boards nailed on both sides of the face and then connecting the nails on both sides of the board who are dealing with plastic tie / rope rapia rapia so that the surface across the board.
6.      weave the shuttle (mine dust cloth) on matting board alternating between a plastic rope. Materials that have been spun woven with square size approximately 70 x 50 cm according to the size of the board and with the motif according to taste.
7.      Cut the remaining yarn spun.
8.       tightening the pull rope woven cotton waste with plastic / rapia which the webbing is.
9.      Removing the webbing of the place (board matting).
10.  Tie a plastic rope at one end of the webbing.
11.  Cut the remaining cord.
12.  Conducting the process of sweeping the stage of finishing woven by combing it with a brush and cut the material a little too long (extra material) with the aim of smoothing webbing.
13.  Kesed then ready for use.


3.1 Conclusions
            Waste has become a serious problem in society today. Less wise waste handling can cause a variety of environmental contamination that may interfere with the activity of human life. Waste, especially abundant and can be obtained at no charge can actually produce something useful if the processed / recycled properly. Therefore, to reduce environmental damage from pollution caused by waste, better waste that can be used recycled back as one of efforts to prevent environmental damage and as an efforts that ultimately waste handling waste problem can be solve gradually.

3.2 Suggestions

Ø  The handling of waste should continue to be considered for environmental contamination can be resolved.
Ø  wastes can be used preferably in recycling to be useful for human life.
Ø  plant residual wastes that can harm our health should be processed first before the waste
if the waste can not be recycling.
Ø  Utilization of waste should be kept cultivated because in addition to reducing pollution, it also can be used as a business opportunity.
Ø  Government and community should work together in an effort to waste handling.
     Semoga bermanfaat :)

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